We are thrilled to share some exciting news from Storybox Creative! Our work with RealWear, a leading player in the enterprise AR space, has been featured in Forbes, highlighting their impressive achievements and the impact of our collaboration.

RealWear has gained significant momentum in the enterprise AR industry, shipping over 15,000 HMT systems globally and securing over 1,300 enterprise customers and more than 120 applications in the past 18 months. Forbes notes, “RealWear’s AR devices are designed to work in the field and meet the needs of enterprises in all types of verticals. The company’s strength is its ability to deliver robust hardware and software solutions that help accelerate enterprise business needs that were previously too costly or simply impossible.

At storybox, we understand that presenting a brand effectively to not just end users, but also investors, enterprise clients, and corporate decision makers is crucial for positioning a brand for success. Our work with RealWear involved crafting compelling visual and narrative content that resonated with these key audiences, showcasing RealWear’s innovative solutions and strong market potential. This strategic positioning has been pivotal in securing significant contracts and attracting substantial investment, including an additional $80 million in Series B funding as highlighted by Forbes.

Our approach centers around discovering and amplifying a brand’s identity through storytelling. By delving deep into RealWear’s mission and vision, we were able to create a narrative that not only highlighted their technological prowess but also their commitment to transforming enterprise operations with cutting-edge AR solutions. This powerful storytelling has enabled RealWear to stand out in a competitive market, making a strong impression on their target audiences.

RealWear has the products, the funding, and the contracts to be considered a major player in this space.

We are incredibly proud of our collaboration with RealWear and the recognition it has garnered. storybox is dedicated to helping brands like RealWear tell their stories in ways that drive success and growth.

Stay tuned for more updates and success stories.