In a moment that celebrates our dedication to excellence, we’re delighted to share our history with Intel’s Agency Inside and Ad Age’s prestigious Internal Agency of the Year accolade. This recognition not only honors our collective achievements but also highlights our relentless pursuit of innovation and creativity in the advertising landscape. 

At its core, winning Ad Age’s award for Internal Agency of the Year is a monumental achievement that reverberates throughout the industry. It symbolizes our dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity, innovation, and effectiveness in delivering campaigns that captivate audiences and drive results.

Furthermore, winning such a prestigious accolade from Ad Age brings tangible benefits to the clients. It opens doors to new opportunities, drives shareholder confidence, attracts top talent, and strengthens relationships with existing clients. Additionally, it solidifies our agency’s reputation as a trusted partner for innovative and impactful advertising solutions.

In essence, winning Ad Age’s Internal Agency of the Year award is a testament to our dedication to excellence and a springboard for future success. We are honored to be recognized by Ad Age and look forward to continuing to elevate excellence in the advertising and marketing industry.